Fans of the Starlight, Star Bright series constantly clamor for more stories.

While the trilogy is officially “ended,” the inspiration for those three
books has not diminished. Redbud Grove, the setting for the first book,
is still teeming with characters and untold stories to satisfy avid fans
and entice those not yet introduced to the dynamic story-telling ability
of its creator, Barbara Elliott Carpenter.

Readers’ reviews contain glowing phrases such as, “I stayed up until 4 AM reading that first book!” A young realtor in Chicago wrote: “I took the book
with me to Vegas on vacation, started reading beside the pool, and nearly
burned myself to a crisp! Got the worst sunburn of my life!” One woman
wrote a poem about her addiction to the Starlight books, decrying that
she was “…unable to do housework until I read the last book through.” Then,
she continued, “I started reading the first one again, then the second and the third; and it was like watching a life unfold before my eyes!” The best one, uttered in a wail: “I don’t want Sissy’s story to end!”

Stay tuned to Redbud Grove for an occasional new story...
….perhaps a revisit and update of characters you loved.

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